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France, Former chocolate factory Menier at Noisiel
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Chocolate factory Menier, Noisiel, France

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The former chocolate factory in Noisel-sur-Marne, a suburb of Paris, was established in 1825 by Jean-Antoine Brutus Menier (1795-1853) as a factory for pharmaceutical products. Chocolate was one of the many products produced and sold for medicinal purposes.
In 1853 his son Emile-Justin Menier took over and due to the success of the chocolate business, the factory was dedicated to the production of chocolate products only. The factory was rebuilt in 1872 by the architect Jules Saulnier (1817-1881), with buildings made of iron and brick.
Since 1988 the factory is used as the head office for the Nestlé company in France.

Chocolate factory Menier, Noisiel, France
Chocolate factory Menier, Noisiel

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